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El Chambers
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Newtown 3220
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Newtown and surrounds

Life Coaching-Energy Healing-Holistic Counselling- Meditation-Positive Psychology

Live Life at Full Potential!

I am an Intuitive Life Coach and I help women to thrive, living ife at full potential!

Through coaching, energy healing, counselling, meditation, and the power of positive psychology; I support you on your journey of personal development to be the very best that you can be!I

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Please read on to understand more about me and what to expect when working with me to be your very best. You can also find me on LinkedIn.

An Experience

I travelled into the devastated Banda Aceh twenty-four hours after the 2004 Tsunami as Executive Director of an international trauma assist team represented by 6 nations.

It was my experience of the Tsunami devastation and the people I worked with that had me focus my attention on specialising in and studying our spiritual and emotional responses to life's challenges.

When those that passed were honoured, and those that had lost were identified, heard and given a sense of hope for action and outcome, a calm descended and the building process began.

There had to be acknowledgment and handling of all energies; living and passed, along with the emotion of the moment before clarity and productivity could return.

Life Coaching

A Life Coach supports you to achieve your goals.

An intuitive Life Coach helps identify the blocks holding you back and clears them for a positive and transformative experience.

All this is often best provided by one who has already walked the path.

I have experienced significant life challenges in the areas of health, career and relationships and successfully found my way through and back to success, joy and happiness every time.

I have studied to become more adept at handling challenges and to ensure I have strategies and knowledge to improve my skills.

And, over time, I have worked as a leading teacher, classical musician, coach, counsellor, consultant and business manager; travelling and living overseas, working in rural and city locations and enjoying the privilege of working with different cultural and spiritual communities, children, families, teams and leaders.

In harmony with these tools and through retreat, I have also learnt to work with and read the energy fields that surround all life. This allows me to identify often hidden, unconscious triggers that frustrate and keep us from succeeding and it is another technique and further support for the process of personal development for full potential.


With my teaching background and raising my own family, along with specialising in performance, team and relationship counselling, I have had the pleasure of working with children of all ages. I help children to navigate the trials of being a child, especially in the education system, but also to help then understand unusual or frightening experiences and find a way to feel stable and secure within their own families and teams.

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Qualifications and Training

  • Bachelor of Arts (Monash)
  • Diploma of Education (Monash)
  • Associate in Music Australia (Melbourne)
  • Advanced Certificate Counselling & Psychotherapy (Cairnmillar Institute)
  • Advanced Certificate Marriage & Relationship Counselling (Cairnmillar Institute)
  • Master Practitioner NLP (MindBody Co)
  • Practitioner Positive Psychology (MindBody Co)
  • Practitioner Timeline Therapy (Mindbody Co)
  • Coach NLP (MindBody Co)
  • Certificate in Hypnotist Certification Training (Mindbody Co)
  • Certificates 1&2 Success through Communication
  • Certificate Self Expression and Leadership
  • Certificate Literacy: Learning How to Learn
  • Certificate Healing Touch
  • Certificate Curriculum for Living
  • Organisation Management and Flow
  • Catholic Education Office: Ups and Downs in Life
  • Facilitator 'Your Beautiful Life'
  • Member AHHCA

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